Missions mottos

“Oh! Christians of England, can you as subjects of divine love, as possessing the blessed Gospel of the Son of God, and as holding His last commission from the Mount of Olives to publish it to the ends of the earth, – can you gaze on these fields of human blood, these regions of unutterable woe, without emotion? Ah! brethren, could you behold the scenes your missionaries witness, you would wake up with a power of pity which would impel you to deeds of compassion, compared with which your past exertions would appear as nothing.” – Robert Moffat, 1842

There’s always room for one more servant. –Anonymous

The torch is being passed to you, are you ready to run w/ the gospel. –Anonymous

Two words a Christian should never say: “No Lord”. –Anonymous

Jesus Christ doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. –Anonymous

Prayer is not a declaration of our devotion but rather an acknowledgement of our dependence. -Les Olilla

I’m going but I’m willing to stay –Anonymous

The only fool greater than he who goes without being called, is he who stays when God has called him to go. –Anonymous


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