The day God got it wrong…

The most difficult truth of the christian faith is that of the Sovereignty of God. At its core the sovereignty of God is the sum total of the Christian faith as well. God is the creator of the universe, and He Himself exists uncreated. As Creator, God has unreserved rights to all things.

This means that when things happen that shatter our world, tragedies, natural disasters, death, mayhem, pain and dark nights of the soul — that God is still in control. And. that. is. hard. Because when you feel like you have been punched in the gut, the wind knocked out of your lungs, your knees are weak and your vision blurred from the pain, it means that God is still in charge. It means that while life may  seem out of control, it is still going according to plan.

Does this mean that God does these horrible things?  Does this mean that He doesn’t care? Is He sadistic? Because we know His character, His goodness, His love for His children we know that it is not that God does not care.  He is NOT a sadist. Nor does HE bring woe on those He loves. He did that once, on the Cross. Because of that we know that He will never do that again.

So, that begs the question, “Why do bad things happen?” Why do babies die? Why do car crashes take our loved ones away? Why do earthquakes kill thousands? Why do marriages fail? Why? WHY? WHY?

There are two possible answers to that question. First, God got it wrong. But He is sovereign, omniscient and good. So, if He got it wrong then He is no longer God and we are on our own.


(Man am I glad there is another option!)

God is God, holy, just, perfect, good, kind and graciously merciful. And, being who He is, He takes the curse and effect of the fall and of sin and turns it into good. He gives us the opportunity to show His sufficiency when all else fails. He takes tragedy and turns it into a testimony of His grace. God uses death to remind us of the life to come. God gives mercy to those who suffer, grace to those who are weak.

And, while we may be tempted to think that God got it wrong, we can KNOW God never fails. His mercies are new EVERY morning! Why? Because HE ordains the sun to rise!

God IS sovereign.

Charles Spurgeon once said, “Remember this, had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are, divine love would have put you there.” You may struggle to believe this at times, and so do I. So we remind each other. We remind each other of the day that God Got it wrong – NEVER!


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