Curse you!

Lately I have heard from different sources that we christians have a problem. We are not good enough. We need to try harder, we need to DO more.  

To those people I say CURSE YOU! Curse you for preaching bondage. Curse you for discouraging your brothers and sisters. Curse you for possessing a from of godliness and denying the power thereof. Curse you for being so self righteous that you condemn others while you ignore your own sin. Curse you for your hard hearted legalism. Curse you for your ignorance of the reality of Grace.  

To those of you who have fallen prey to these charlatans, these false preachers, I say this. How did you lose your faith in the goodness of God so quickly? How have you forgotten mercy and grace so swiftly? How have you managed to move your faith so rapidly from Christ to self? How on earth did you let these people trouble your heart so soon? Why would you let anyone tell you that the good news is not enough anymore?   You know that there is only one Savior, one Gospel, one hope. You know this, and you know that anyone who tells you diffent is a liar. Jesus is the Annointed One, He is the Mesiah, He is your means Grace.  

So, why are you wavering? Why the doubt? Jesus has not changed! He is as good and as gracious as ever! And He still forgives, still empowers and still teaches. I don’t care who tells you otherwise. If they dare to tell you that you have to DO something to earn God’s favor, CURSE them! Because the only way to earn God’s favor is to accept Jesus’ righteousness. You can’t make your own. You need His.  

Some of you might think this is harsh but I am not worried about your opinion. If I was worried about what you think I wouldn’t be a follower of Christ let alone His servant.  


Apostle, Church planter, Missionary, Sinner saved by Grace
Galatians 1:6-10

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