Galatians part 1

I have been lazy.

There, I said it. No excuses and no reasons to give. Just pure laziness. And it has to stop. My brain is atrophying. I need to think and study and reason. To sharpen my wits and to be useful. But, since I have nothing of use to offer in and of myself so I will seek to give you all what is truly useful — the gospel.  

No other book is as clear and as instrumental in defining and presenting the  gospel as the book of Galatians. Paul, from a distance, reminds the christians of Galatia that the gospel has specific characteristics and because of that some things are simply not compatible with it.   My intent is to go verse be verse and to simplify the text to the propositions it puts forth. I am not writing a commentary and my intent is not to give specific applications although some applications are naturally going to be evident.  

I will try not to be preachy but, I make no promises 🙂 . I welcome all feedback and comments but I warn you I am in this to think so be prepared to engage! No drive bys, please.   I have one favor to ask. I want to post weekly so can yoube my accountability partners? I will try topost on Fridays, but if I don’t can you nudge me? Thanks!


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