Why I hate easter, and why I love it too.

I both hate and love easter.  

Let me explain why I hate it first. I hate easter because it is still a promise unfulfilled. Easter is the assurance that death has been defeated, but as I see more and more friends and loved ones pass into eternity I am reminded that death still has a sting — for now.  

I hate easter because it is trivialized by thoughtless and shallow “Christians”. Christians who ardently defend the resurrection and then spend all of Sunday afternoon searching for easter eggs. Yeah, that is not confusing to your kids or the rest of the world at all.  

I hate easter because I sometimes doubt it is true. Yep, you read that right. I somtimes doubt that it is true that Jesus rose from the grave. And I hate my unbelief. And that doubt has to be stared in the face more than ever and beaten down by the power of God and His grace.  

Now let me tell you why I LOVE EASTER!

I love easter because it is true. Jesus was beaten, tortured, whipped, pierced, spit on, had His beard ripped out, and was hung naked on a cross, for me.  

I love easter because Jesus drank the cup of God’s divine wrath and emptied it.  

I love easter because one day this long distance relationship I have with my heavenly father will be over. I will see His glory. I will worship Him fully, and I will worship Him only.  

I love easter because I am no longer afraid of death. Easter is the promise that even though my body may fail, I will never die.  

I love easter because it is the proof that my faith is not misplaced. The empty tomb proves that  Jesus is God and that He can and does keep His promises.  

I love easter because Jesus is alive.

I love easter because it is the hope of things to come.

I love easter because it is the promise of God to me that the grave is not my final abode.

I love easter because the only tears it brings are tears of joy, hope and expectation.

I love easter because it gives me hope that all this world will one day be made whole.  

And I love easter because it reminds me that better men than me have doubted and God never turned them away. God loves to turn doubters into believers. God loves to forgive our doubts and calm our fears. But most of all God loves sinners like me and with the death and resurrection of Jesus He made a way for us to be forgiven.  

I love easter because in the end death loses and Jesus wins.


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