Corruption. It  is not a word that just applies to politicians and bad cops. The old King James Bible uses the word to talk about our mortal bodies ( 1 Corinthians 15:35-58). I love that it uses that word because it describes our current condition perfectly.

God created us to be perfect. No flaws no sin. But sin we did. We became corrupted. We were drawn in by the darkside, sucked in by pride, overcome by evil. This problem is so pervasive that only One has escaped its curse. The problem cannot be solved by modification. It cannot be solved by regulation. Only the power of almighty God can overcome our corrupt nature. By grace we have the means of resisting temptation and overcoming the corruption in our bodies.
But God has a far more extensive solution planned. God’s plan is to give us new bodies altogether. Not just modified bodies, new ones! Bodies devoid of pain? Yes! Bodies devoid of sin? Halelujah, yes! But more than that. God has planned for us bodies that are not simply missing corruption, but incorruptible.

Did you catch the difference?

Not just without corruption, but unable to be corrupted. Only Jesus, in the power of the Spirit of God, was able to live in these mortal bodies without succumbing to their innate corruption. But there is coming a day when those who believe in Jesus will be like Him because we shall see Him as He is. We will no longer struggle to believe fully enough so that we don’t sin, but instead our faith will be made sight and this old body will cease to be. Instead we will have bodies that will allow us to behold His glory as He truly is.  I cannot wait for THAT body.  How about you?



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2 responses to “Corruption

  1. Amen Pete!
    I was having a similar conversation about this topic with a friend the other day. If today is my day to be called home, then I welcome that with open arms! Good thoughts my friend.

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