A new journey!

I know I tend to be very sporadic in my writing.  I also think that this is a good thing.  I write when I have something on my mind that I think is worth sharing.  I also write when I am working something out in my own mind.  I also know that I have a calling and that my calling is to teach and preach God’s Word.  So my goal is to work through certain topics from a Biblical perspective.

The topics will be things that I am passionate about and that have crucial significance to the continued unfolding of the Kingdom of God.  The topics are:

  1. The church (practice, purpose, function, membership, discipline, etc.)
  2. Hermeneutics (dispensational vs. covenant approach)
  3. The gospel (what is it and what is it not)
  4. Reformed theology (is it good, bad, indifferent, what are the alternatives, etc.)

This is going to be a process.  I hope you enjoy the ride.  I know it will be scenic but hopefully it will also be enlightening.


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One response to “A new journey!

  1. I for one am listening, and await to see your thoughts 🙂

    And if you are really lucky I’ll comment and all Sheol will let loose 😛

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