Now about that Grinch!

I have often been accused of being the Grinch.  People think I don’t like Christmas.  To be honest I can understand where they get that impression.  So let me take a moment and set the record straight.  I don’t hate Christmas.

I do however get frustrated by all the baggage people  bring to Christmas.  I am not a fan of how people add to Christmas.  Christmas is about remembering  the birth of the Son of God.   It is about God stepping into time .  It is about the beginning of hope.  Christmas is about God being faithful to His promise.

I get frustrated because we talk about Jesus being “the reason for the season” and then act as if Jesus came for us to have a reason to act happy eat too much and then give Jesus a brief nod on Christmas day or Christmas eve.  We may even read the accounts in Luke or Matthew and pray.  But is that truly making “Jesus the reason for the season?”

Many a person hangs lights and decorates a tree that has no clue about the Savior whose birth gives them a reason to make merry.  But the angels whom the Lord sent to announce the birth of Jesus did not talk about parties and cookies.  The angels did not talk about trees and lights.  The angels declared the birth of a Savior!

We all live in a world torn apart by hate and fear.  We live in a world ravaged by the effects of sin.  Christmas is the first gleam of light that will one day drive all darkness away.  It is about the hope that one day all that is wrong will be made right, that all the pain will be soothed, and all the tears will be wiped away.

Christmas is a yearly reminder that this world is not as it should be.  It is a reminder that Christ came so that one day this world may be a thing of the past to make room for a new heaven and a new earth.

I love Christmas!  I love the Savior whose birth we celebrate.  And I love the hope that Christmas brings with it.  I may not get all excited about lights and tress and cookies etc.  But I am not a Grinch either.  I am just trying to look at Christmas in a way that is consistent with my beliefs.   I believe that Christmas must have a very specific focus.  I believe the angels said it best, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom He is pleased!” (Luke 2:14)

There is no greater cause to celebrate than this!  God with us.  Emmanuel!


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  1. I agree. I think we get hung up on the baby in the manger, no crying he makes (which is not true) and forget about the whole concept of the incarnation. God in flesh. The messiness of the incarnation. Our Christmas carols and traditions have completely watered down the idea of God becoming flesh.

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