A little dose of reality!

For those of you who know me well you know that I have one sin in my life that pretty much kicks my tail on a consistent basis.


What is it?




Wait a minute!  Fear is a sin?  Yep, fear is a sin.


For me it is not fear of physical safety.  I love dangerous activities.  I have free climbed 1000 foot cliffs, I have taken dives from rock cliffs, and done many stupid and dangerous things.  But I actually thrive on these kinds of activities.


So, what scares me?  Failure.  Yep just one simple thing.  But it is more than that too.  You see failure is only possible when you have something to lose.


I fear failing as a father because I want my children to know that they are loved, not just by me, but ultimately by God.  I fear failing as a husband because I know that my heart is sinful and wicked.  I know I am not above failure in my relationship with my wife, and it scares me to death.


But there is a bigger fear that hounds me.  I fear that at the end of my days, when I stand before God, that I will not hear what I would like to from my Savior.  I am afraid that when I stand before the Judge of all men that I will have fallen short.  I fear that I will have kept too much from Him.  I fear that I will have been timid where I should have been bold.  In short, I fear failing the One who died for me.


But this fear is not rational.  This fear is part of the spiritual warfare I am in.  My fear leads me to paralysis.  It leads me to inaction, to uselessness.  My enemies (the flesh, the world and the devil) know that if they can make me afraid then they can make me insignificant for the Kingdom of God.


Fear is a sin for me because it blinds me to the power of Grace.  It distracts me from the purpose of the cross.  Fear prevents me from living a life filled with faith.  It is a struggle that I face daily.  But it is a struggle that can be won!


I share this with you because I think we need to be reminded that sin is a part of this life.  It is a fact of this world.  But it CAN be overcome.  I fight fear daily.  What do you fight?



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