Regrets? I don’t want any!

I tend to be introspective to the point of morbidity sometimes.  At times I even turn my gaze inward to the point of outward inaction.  On rare occasions I find that this pays off.  Most of the time it is simply an indulgence in which I waste time and effort.  Honestly it is a sin.  One I struggle with constantly.

But tonight I was thinking about certain things.  Taking a kind of mental inventory of sorts.  I realized that I waste a lot of my time.  Vain pursuits, mindless hours, uselessness.  It was then that this thought struck me.  “I am not afraid of death, but I am terrified of living in vain.”

That is it.  Simple and yet staggeringly sobering.  What am I doing?  Is my life being lived the way God intended me to live?  I have many things that I must change for that to be totally true.  But as of now I am a little more on track.  How about you?


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