Pslam 3 (part 3, final)

Last time I ended up by saying that I want to learn these lessons in my own life.  While I totally believe that we can (and should) learn valuable lessons from others, I also believe that the best lessons are learned by experience.  I.E. no one can know what it is like to be thirty years old until they become thirty years old.

However, there is value still in learning what we need to make sense of our experiences.  David was a warrior.  As a warrior you only learn from the battles you live through.  So, here is David.  He is the father of a grown man so he is no spring chicken.  He has been in many battles.  You might recall his first encounter with a human opponent –Goliath.  Twice his own size, battle hardened, vicious.  And yet God delivered David.  There was no rational chance that David would survive and yet here he was years later, King of his country.

David was no coward.  He was also skilled at combat.  He was trained!  He was not just the luckiest guy out there!  But he learned one lesson early that kept him in good stead until now.  And now when he is at his most vulnerable he comes back to it.  The lesson?  It is God who protects, saves, and delivers.

It is no wonder then that David cries out and says, “Arise, O Lord; save me, O my God!”  David KNOWS, I means he has this absolute certainty that his deliverance will come from no place else.  He cries out to God.  Not out of desperation or because it is his last resort.  He cries out to God because he knows there is no better place to turn.  He has the experience of a lifetime to look back upon, and what he sees reminds him that God is GOOD!

David recalls the battles where his enemies outnumbered him, where his opponents where way bigger than he was, where there was no human chance of success.  So he reminds himself, “For You have smitten all my enemies on the cheek; You have shattered the teeth of the wicked.”

I know that there are places and times when I felt all hope was lost.  When I was ready to simply let the enemy sweep over me.  And, yet, despite my weakness God stepped down.  HE intervened and the tide turned.  It is a lesson I can say I also was taught.  But somehow, somehow I just let it slip my mind.  Over the last few days of meditating on this, it was not David teaching me.  It was the Holy Spirit of God reminding me of what HE had taught me already.  I have heard from the time I was very young that it is God who saves, it is God who does what we think impossible.

Today I am grateful that, while the lesson was given many years ago, God is always willing to help us finally learn it.  I had the information, I lacked the experience.  Now that I am experiencing things so far beyond my ability the words finally make sense.  “Salvation belongs to the Lord; Your blessing be upon your people!”


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