Psalm 3 (part 1)

The background is simple and yet complex.  David is being chased by his enemies, and the leader of his enemies is his own son, Absalom.  In David’s shoes I may have just quit.  After all he had been through, after all he had endured this would have been my last straw.  I would have just curled up and died.

David, though, turns to God.  I want to take a quick look at verses 1&2.  In verse one David simply lays out the facts.  He has enemies and they are growing in number.  Now, David was no stranger to the idea of enemies.  He has had more enemies than friends for much of his life.  He started his lifelong fight by defeating enemies of his fathers’ sheep.  He fought bears and lions.  Then he graduated to giants, and proceeded to move on to fighting entire regiments.  David was a man who knew what it was to have enemies.  He also knew how to face them.

But what do you do when your newest enemy is someone you love?  When it is family?  When it is your own flesh and blood.  What then?  There is no easy answer.  There is no pat solution.  This type of situation is what can lead us into despair.  Certainly David’s enemies thought so.  That is why they were the ones saying that not even God could get him out of this one (paraphrase of verse 2).

For me these two verses have been huge!  God has slapped me in the face and reminded me of a few things.  First, that my problem are little ones in comparison of what others are facing.  Second, that I tend to be the one spouting out my own doom.  And, third, that I tend to take for granted that I am sufficiently equipped for the task.

While my problems may SEEM big in comparison to eternity they are nothing.  I need to be reminded of my eternal position in Christ.  And, above all, I need to remember that what armor I wore yesterday I need to put on again today.

I think it is amazing how God allowed David to endure so much, and in doing so gave us so much to help us endure.

In the next few days we will look at the rest of the Psalm and see David’s response.  But let me ask you, “How has your response been to trouble?”


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