Psalms; a search for . . .

I am working on a new project.  I am wanting to spend some time in the Psalms and I want to simply take some time to journal my thoughts as I go.  This is not going to be a book study.  This is going to be a personal journey.  I want to take advantage of the tour guides  in the Psalms.  They take us through the incomprehensible landscape that is life and point out the one thing that gives it meaning — God.

I want to explore the views these men had.  I want to learn to see God as He is, not through the lens of my personal theological slant.  I want to learn to experience God afresh as He becomes more real to me.  I want to learn to walk with Him as others have.  I want to be taught to cry out in pain, to shout from overwhelming joy.  I want to learn to fall in love with God.  I want Him to be real and personal.  You are welcome to come along with me on this journey, but I warn you, it will be intensely personal.  It will be honest and without façade.  It will not be linear , sequential, or structured.  Hopefully it will be transforming, as I come to see God more clearly and, as I see Him, come to love and fear Him more.

In the words of SCC, “I’m divin’ in!”


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