Psalm 2

I was struck by a few things today as I was reading Psalm 2.  First that the sovereignty of God is assumed.  The psalmist does not argue for it, He simply declares that God can and will do as He pleases.  This is a fact assumed by the Psalmist.  It is one thing to know it but another to look at the world this way.  It is almost as if there is mockery in the Psalmist’s tone when he asks why the nations are all riled up.  It is useless and futile.  God will do as He pleases.

Second, God does look upon His creation at times and laughs.  This is not a hearty, joyous laugh.  It is a laugh of contempt.  He looks at us and our plans and He laughs.  He knows that nothing we plan will work unless He wants it to.  He knows that all our machinations against Him are not only meaningless but utterly foolish.  God scoffs at His enemies.  And, lets face it, we are all His enemies.  Only by grace is our enmity removed.  Which makes this all the more amazing.

Third, and last, God is sovereign and He may laugh at His enemies  but even in all that He offers mercy.  God does not condemn lightly.  He does not simply cast us aside.  The sovereign God of the universe bids us come and worship.  He provides Himself as the refuge from His wrath.

I pray, Oh God, that you may never have cause to laugh at me and scoff.  I ask that you grant me wisdom to worship and take refuge in you.


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