A Bride without emotions?

Jesus loves the church!  The Apostle Paul depicts the church as a bride for whom Jesus died.  It is a very piercing analogy if you are married.  I have a few photos of my wedding.  At times I look at them longing for the good old days.  (I was many pounds lighter, healthier, faster, in better shape etc.)  But I long for those days for my own benefit.  Little, if any, of my thoughts are due to seeking to be a better version of myself for my wife.

When it comes to the church, how much do we do to be a better bride for Jesus?  We make plans, institute programs, use certain styles of music, dress a certain way, the list goes on . . .  The question is, “Are we doing this to be a more beautiful bride?”

More pointedly, do we realize the price paid for us to be able to be a bride?  Jesus gave His life for the Church!  How can we be so blasé about such a gift?  When we meet on Sundays, do we realize we meet because the Son of God died for us?  Do we not understand that, just as a husband and wife, there is to be an emotional connection?  There is not a day goes by that I am not perplexed by the fact that my wife still loves me.  I know who I am and all the reasons she should not love me.  Yet, she still loves me.  (I, also, am madly in love with her.)  I will admit that we have our moments when we are less than nice to each other, too.  But not once can I recall a time when I was not emotionally involved with my wife.

How, then, is it that we can come to church, claim we worshiped and walk out without being emotionally moved?

I would suggest two possibilities.  First, we truly do not understand the greatness of what Christ has done for us.  It is possible that we come without truly comprehending the amazing salvation we have in Christ.  It is possible that some of us can honestly say, “we just have no clue.”  In this day and age of cheap imitations of Christianity it is possible that we live in an environment where we attend a meeting to worship a God we do not know.  In short it may be that we are not part of the bride.  We are religious wedding crashers.

Second, is that we have become so accustomed to being served that we see that sacrifice of Christ as only fitting.  We see Jesus’ death as something we deserved and therefore come together not to Worship JESUS but to fulfill some self appointed duty to assuage our guilt.  Again, that is religion.

Friends, as we look toward Sunday and prepare to meet together.  We cannot forget that we gather to WORSHIP –that is, to assign worth and give praise to JESUS.  He alone deserves it!  People who see the Cross for what it is cannot come to worship and leave unmoved.  Check your heart.  Is it filled with love for the Savior?  Do you come to tears thinking of the Cross?  Do you get emotionally invested in the worship of Jesus?  If not I fear for your soul.

If your heart fills with Joy and Gratitude at the thought of Him who died for you.  Then do not be afraid to show it when you go to His house to Worship Him!


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