Good news for bad times.

Once in a while I realize that time is my inexorable opponent.  Time is limited and limiting.  Time is short.  Simply put, “time stops for no one.”  While at times this means that there is a sense of being overwhelmed, it can also mean that there is a sense of urgency.  But what do you do when you feel the urgency of your task and feel overwhelmed by it at the same time?

In the movie Star Wars: A New Hope the character Ben Kenobi instructs his protégé, Luke Skywalker, to trust his feelings.  When it comes to living life as a Christian I think the answer that Ben Kenobi gave is dead wrong!  The answer may seem trite for some, but trusting your feelings will get you nowhere but into trouble.

What does this have to do with time running short and feeling overwhelmed?  I am glad you asked.  Did you notice the key word in that first sentence?  That key word is “feeling.”  The facts are indisputable, time is short.  The task at hand is more than can be humanly accomplished.  Add to that the fact that the enemy we face is invisible and determined and indeed you may want to despair.

However, there is one key thing you must not forget.  HOPE!  God is a wonderful and gracious God.  He called us to do battle against forces greater than ourselves, and then steps before us taking up our defense.  God has accomplished all that HE ever wanted accomplished.  His will cannot be thwarted and His plans cannot be overturned.  The problem is that we don’t see all of these things.  Since our vision is limited we tend to focus on the missing pieces and then indeed we can come to feeling overwhelmed.  Not because God is insufficient, but because we have focused on the task and not the one commissioning us.

Time is short, the task is great, but let’s not forget that it is God that has time in His hands.  As far as the task is concerned, remember, “It is finished.”  The good news is that God has already done what we cannot do.  Our commission is to give out that good news to every creature.  We must never forget that this good news includes the words, “be not afraid, I have overcome!”


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