Passion, Drive and Resolution

How do you pursue who you are? How do you live your passion? How do you get do what you were made for? I have found myself asking these questions of myself; mostly because I have a crazy passion that drives me, and sometimes drives me crazy. I am a teacher. Plain and simple that is what I am. I love to see people learn and implement new skills and if those skills happen to be along the lines of spiritual growth then all the better.

But it is not teaching that drives me. I love to teach but it does not drive me. I am passionate about coming to a proper understanding of who God is. I know that I have yet to scratch the surface after ten years of study. As of late my pursuit has been producing an unexpected fruit. I find myself stopping in the middle of even the most commonplace tasks and wondering how it affects my view of God. While watching television I find myself losing the plot because I am thinking of the worldview being pushed. While talking with a Doctor about simple medical things I find myself unwilling to gloss over, what he considers, trivial things like evolution.

It is more than a mere burst of apologetic enthusiasm coming through. What I am seeing is that I feel offended when I find God being dismissed. I find myself discomfited when I attend a church service and observe that God was talked about and sung to but not acknowledged as God. I am tired of being surrounded by people who claim to love Jesus but won’t serve Him. I am tired of people who seem to think that Christianity is about living a good life, instead of pursuing a pure heart.

I believe that it is God who has given me this passion. I believe that this passion carries within it the need to be involved in leading people toward knowledge of God that demands a change of heart. I believe that the place for this to become a reality is the church. I want to be part of a church that doesn’t care what people think. I want to be a part of a team of people who still believe in the God who does miracles. I am driven to be with people who are willing to be poor and needy because they value things not found on this earth.

Most of all I am driven by the passion to lift Jesus up on a pedestal high enough that all the world can see HIM and find hope and forgiveness. I long to teach and preach the Living Word of God to people who are dying. I am resolved to do these things. Not because I want to but because I am absolutely sure that God has called me to. I am resolved to do these things whatever the cost, not because I can afford to but because I cannot afford to fail.

I have resolved to live my life to serve Jesus. What will you do?


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