Of Independence and dependence

Today we celebrate the anniversary of our country’s independence. Our national anthem depicts the scene of battle. Cannon balls flying, shrapnel in the air, the cries of the wounded assaulting the ears of all present. The cost of freedom was a dear one. Men and women died for the freedoms we now possess. As Francis Scott Key endured the bombardment of Fort McHenry throughout the night it was the flag that hung above the fort which was the focus of hope. In the early dawn as the firefight was coming to an end Mr. Key say the flag still waving. His hope became sight, and his sight brought new feelings of patriotism.

I know that I am not telling anyone anything new with the above paragraph, but my intent is not to simply focus on the past. I want to help us focus on a more present reality. I want us to think about the fact that we still have a free country. We still live in the home of the brave.

I hope you know that I believe that it has been God’s favor that has given us the blessings of being an American. I believe that God has honored the founding fathers’ faith in Him. I believe that the decline of morality, the rise in crime, the sum total of our woes is because we have turned away from truth. Away from God.

I hope you know that I am also not about doom and gloom. I want to remind you that there is still hope! The flag still waves, and the Cross that brought hope to the founding fathers is still as effective as ever. There is still hope, not just for America as a country but for Americans as individuals. I still believe that the hope for America is that its people turn to Jesus. I just want to remind you all that we are to be a country that gained political independence. We were, are, and ever will be a country that thrives by God’s blessing. We are independent, but to a greater degree we depend on God’s mercy and grace, let us never forget that we depend on God’s good favor.

Celebrate our freedom today, but never forget that we are only free because of God’s grace!


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