Unusual ways to minister

Ok.  So, I have this unusual skill.  Nothing special just a learned skill.  I  spent some time working as a plumber’s assistant and therefore had to pick up the skills of the trade.  Why does that matter?  Well It goes back to the bigger picture that we were talking about last time.  You see I learned this trade while working on a graduate degree.  I went back to school because I felt the call of God to Pastor and felt the need to be better prepared.  What amazes me is that I have spent more time doing the work of the ministry while helping people with a plumbing project.  When people have problems with their homes and find someone in the ministry who is willing to take time and help them it can lead to great quality time.  People are more relaxed when you come to their home to help them with something they understand.  They can be more open and comfortable talking to you, when you aren’t there in an “official” capacity.  So the question is what skills do you have that you could use to help people around you.  Get to know them while helping them with something mundane and maybe God will open the door for you to make a difference in the eternal scheme of things.


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