Philippians, a new study.

When I started this blog it was because I needed an outlet for my thoughts. I will be the first to admit that they were not great thoughts, they were just my thoughts. As I continued to write I found that I was thinking and interacting more and more with ideas. Some were good ideas, some were useless, some were bad ideas. What I have found recently is that as I have lacked the time to write I have increased in my frustration and decreased in my personal growth. So it is my purpose to begin writing again. I would like to start with a study on the book of Philippians.

I have chosen this book mainly because at this point I am continually drawn to it. When teaching and preaching I keep coming back to this portion of Scripture. It seems to me that I continually find more and more of the riches of Christ in this book. I hope to be able to share these riches with you as I go through this book.

As with most studies it is best to start with the background material available on the topic. A thorough knowledge of the times, geography, political situation, religious tenor, and social landscape will help in the understanding of the material in the book. So this is where we shall start. I hope you will join me as I learn more about Jesus in the book of Philippians. And, yes, the book of Philippians is about Jesus. He is at the center of each passage and is the key to each verse.

I will let you know right now that this is not going to be an in-depth study. It is my preparation for a series of lessons I will be doing with the youth group. Don’t worry, these are not going to be lessons for teens, but rather what insights I have gained as I study and prepare for the series with them.

That you might know Him through me,




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2 responses to “Philippians, a new study.

  1. Marc La Porte

    Looking forward reading your coming insights, Peter…

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