May I Have Your Attention, Please?!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I posted anything. The reasons are manifold but as with all excuses not a single one has any merit. The bottom line is that I was off having too much fun to actually stop and post anything. It was not all fun, though. Some of it was work. I spent the last week at camp with a youth group from a church in Indiana. I am now happy to say that the church voted me in as the youth director with a vote of 70 in favor and 1 opposed. (Yeah! I know. There’s one in every crowd.)

Now comes the time for me to transition and move and a whole lot of new things. I am currently overwhelmed. Honestly I expect to stay overwhelmed for quite some time. I am also very excited!!! Finally, I get to be where I long to be.

At the same time I am petrified. I feel like the rookie in a team of veteran soldiers. I am eager to get into my first firefight and I know that I will most likely freeze up when the time comes for me to move. I am jittery and fidgety, trying to be cool and at the same time wanting to just shout from excitement.

So, yeah, I am really trying to just let you all know that I might be doing things more sporadically and that I will probably change some things about what I write on. Think youth pastor figuring things out.


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One response to “May I Have Your Attention, Please?!

  1. Tim O'Dell


    You’ll do fine my friend, remember God is the best Coach and Advisor in the universe. Just keep asking for has advice!!


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