How do you “DO” Church?

My last post talked about why the church exists. I want to ask you a couple of questions this time around. Whether you agree with me or not about why the church exists maybe you can help define “how” the church exists. I don’t know about you, but I have never attended a perfect church. I have been at some really good churches, and some really lousy ones. What was the difference? Attitude!

This may not make sense to some of you but two different people can do the exact same thing and achieve completely different results. The same can be true of churches. One of my lifetime mentors often told me that our personal time with God was not a declaration of our devotion but a declaration of our dependence. It is not about doing right but about being right. You see, doing right is not enough. And this is where most churches are. Doing right without an understanding that what they do is not as important as what their heart is like. We all too often forget that God sees the heart. Does God care what we do? Absolutely! But He cares more about why we do it and our relationship with Him.

So, why am I talking about people’s motivation and actions when I am supposed to be talking about the church? Because people are the church! You are the church! So take some time and think about this, will ya? Are you making the church you belong to a great church or a lousy one? And remember it is not just about what you do, it is about who you are and why you do what you do. So go on and “do” church right! While you’re at it you want to tell me what you love about your church?

Striving to please Him by who I am,




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2 responses to “How do you “DO” Church?

  1. I think you’re right on bro!
    Having a proper attitude and a proper relationship with God is paramount to any “good” church.

  2. Marc La Porte

    Hi Peter,

    I love your statement that our personal time with God is not a declaration of our devotion, but a declaration of our dependence. In order to do church right, we have to be right with God. In order to be right with God we should delight in His Word and meditate on it day and night, so that we can be convicted and renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit, which leads to maturity and Christ-likeness.

    Recently I heard someone say that people who complain about church are just immature. And I think there is truth in that. Complaining about church almost always means that you are acting out of pride. You have the attitude of a consumer who wants to be served, and you complain about the quality of the service. Yet you are not here to be served but to serve. Serve God, and so we should joyfully accept the preaching heard, we should repond joyfully in worship and have our hearts renewed and refreshed, and we should joyfully serve within the fellowship of believers present. Complaining about how church is done is a sign of immaturity, reluctance and pride.

    It does raises the question though on what constitutes a church. For me, and I believe Scripture is my witness here, church is a fellowship of a believers, it’s the preaching of the Word going forth, creating life (the Gospel must be proclaimed, otherwise the Holy Spirit will remain silent — John 16), there should be responds in worship and communion, it’s church discipline being executed. Then this can be practiced/applied in life during the week in home/community/bible groups.

    What I love about our church? Being located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, home of the Red Light District, the condoning of drugs, etc, it’s just great to be able to worship God in the city center. To feel the Holy Spirit move. To hear the preaching of the Word in a totally lost post-modern culture that is so far removed from God as the east is from the west. I love that we are a community of real people, living real lives, really trying to follow God. I love that we are a small church that is open-handed in its approach on application into culture, and more and more closed-hand on doctrine. I love that there are opportunities to grow, become part of church leadership, think along with the elders. I love there is a Scriptural setting of eldership and now deacons, yet without the traditional ordained mumbo-jumbo. I love that love just to serve people during the service by setting up cookies or cleaning tables afterwards. Do I need to go one?? ;-)… I have a great church, but not perfect. And indeed I have had a wrong attitude at times, but have definitely noticed that a right attitude makes all the difference.

    Sorry about the long reply…

    In Him

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