On Doxology

Praise. It’s a small word. In our surroundings this word can make many cringe. After all most that use it jump from praise to music. RELAX! I am not going to talk about music. But I do want to draw your attention to the principle of worship. My goal is not to be controversial, but rather to remind us all of the absolute necessity of worship. You see, we are made to worship. Even complete atheists have to worship something. For Christians, however, there is much more to this need, there is purpose!


We have the opportunity to worship The One that made us to be worshippers. What is so great about Christian worship, also known as doxology, is that only in Christian worship is there true fulfillment of the need we have to worship.

Think of all the people you know that are bound up in worshipping anything but God. Personally I know a few individuals who are caught up in the worship of many things; science, money, family, work, power position, etc. Out of all those I know, not a single one could be described as even remotely happy, let alone joyful. Why because the very things they worship are vain and empty. The object of their worship has no power. What they adore has no lasting value.


For the Christian worship fulfills the longing of the heart, the need of the soul, and the breadth of the mind. When it comes to the heart of man it is a vile thing that is utterly wicked, but in Christ it finds forgiveness and cleansing, and through those it finds peace. Man’s soul finds regeneration and redemption, and in those reconciliation with its maker. As far as man’s mind it is only in God that the insatiable vastness of the human intellect finds its superior. The most brilliant minds in history could never even come close to understanding who God is.


It is this that for me is so inscrutable when it comes to worship. My heart wanders from time to time from its proper place of worship to God. My soul aches at times when sin renews the barriers between God and me. And my mind? My mind reels from the sheer vastness of the simple idea of an eternal, perfect being that is sovereign over all. It really is incomprehensible.


The bottom line, though, is that God is and the he made us to worship, not just something, but HIM ALONE!! Nowhere else is there joy, peace, love, grace, mercy, and all the benefits of knowing God, but at the altar of worship. You want meaning? It is at the place where you worship. No, not your church. It is found when in your heart and soul and mind you truly worship. When your entire being is engaged in giving uncompromising praise and adoration to the one true God. Only then does our life have meaning.


Some of you may be thinking, “O.K. so you made the point about the need for worship, but what about the why?” Why do we worship, beyond the point of our being made for it? Simple. Because God is worthy of worship! No not because He loved us, or because He gave His Son for us. Simply because HE IS WORTHY OF WORSHIP!! Can I be more emphatic? Let me try. If you worship anything but God you are in sin. If you don’t worship God you cannot truly be a Christian. You may be saying, “Man that is harsh!” It may be, but it is also true.


A Christian is one who knowing the God of the Bible accepts the truth and worships. A roman 10:9 says that to be saved one has to acknowledge Christ as LORD. That is an act of worship! Beyond the fact that God is worthy is the fact that God demands worship. That’s right, I said, “demands. Isaiah 42:8 tells us that God will not give HIS glory to anyone else. God is passionate about HIS own glory.


There is one more reason to worship. To me it is the one that is the easiest to comprehend and the one I most forget. We should worship God out of gratitude. The apostle Paul continuously gives thanks to God. (By the way, THAT is praise!) Paul praises God for grace and mercy, love and so much more. These were not merely things that he received from God, but evidences to Paul of who God is. If you have experienced the redemption of your soul, you OWE God worship, not just once or twice a week, but continually. So give it a try, take some time today to worship, you were made for it, and God deserves it!!



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