To know and be known

Anytime I drive to town for any reason I go by this church, not because I want to but because it is on the way. The church is not one I attend but it does always have some quote or quip on its marquee. This week I read this marquee and was moved to praise. This is what it said, “Jesus knows me this I love.” As a child I can remember many times singing the little chorus Jesus Loves Me. But I don’t ever recall the concept of Jesus knowing me.


Keven, a friend of mine, once told me of witnessing in Tennessee. He would ask people, “Do you know Jesus?” Keven told me that so many answered in the positive that he stopped asking that question and replaced it with this one, “Does Jesus know you?”


The sheer magnitude of this question, and its answer for believers, should drive us to our knees in thanksgiving and praise. We often rejoice in the fact that we have knowledge of God because He revealed Himself to us. Have you ever rejoiced to know that not only do you know HIM but the HE knows YOU? I will cherish this thought for as long as I live. I love Him because He first loved me, but what I hope never to overcome was that He loves me despite knowing me. As the Marquee said, “Jesus knows me this I Love.



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