Glory to GOD in the Highest!!!

The title phrase of this post is right out of the Scriptures. But today when my thoughts come to this verse it is with a thought that has never occurred to me before. I have quoted and read this many times in my life. But as so many things in my life today my mind instantly filters things through a Pauline filter. The apostle stated that he was the chief of sinners. Yet sweeter words than Paul’s could scarce be found when it comes extolling God in Heaven and His Son, JESUS. It struck a chord within me to realize that the God of all creation would allow sinful creature to bring HIM praise. But THAT is the point of the Advent. Christ was born to bring Peace to His enemies, Love to those who hated Him and Joy to those who come to know Him.

The way I think of this day is like this. “Glory to God in the Highest, praise Him because He saved you from the lowest.!!” I can only say, with tears of Joy falling down my face, “Thank you Jesus for coming to earth for me. Thank you for being the perfect sacrifice for my sins. Thank you for dying on the cross to accept the punishment I deserved. Thank you for rising again to reign in power. Thank you for saving a lost sinner like me! With the angels I would say ‘Glory to God in the Highest.’ I cannot wait until the rest of creation sings your praise; I HAVE to praise you NOW!! As the elders will do, (Revelation 5:14) I would do now, I bow before you and worship Christ the eternal, and today remember the newborn KING!”




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2 responses to “Glory to GOD in the Highest!!!

  1. Amen! Thanks for a wonderful reminder Pete!

  2. It was a reminder I needed! Glad to hear it was good for others too.

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